What to Expect

Additional Information

New Clients: Paperwork will be in the waiting room for you to complete. Your clinician will greet you at the time of your appointment. Please bring your insurance card and payment . We accept cash, Visa, Master Card and Discover. 

Session 1:
This is an interview process for both the client and the clinician. The clinician will focus on history taking, current symptoms, hopes for the therapeutic process, and address treatment goals and plans. The client will interview the clinician and determine if her therapeutic style will meet his or her needs. This first session will last approximately 45-60 minutes.

Follow-up Sessions:
Specific goals set in the first session will be developed into an action plan for therapy. Each follow up session will address progress made and set homework assignments to help keep progress on track. Follow up sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes. Some insurance companies allow 60 minute 


We accept most major medical insurance plans. However, each plan is unique and covers differently. It is best to call your insurance company and ask about your outpatient mental health service benefits.  ​Each insurance company sets their rate of reimbursement. Please call the office for clarification of insurance customary rates Below are the insurance plans we accept. 

Anthem/ Blue Cross Blue Shield
Anthem Medicaid (Holly Maddy and Mark Switzer only)
Cigna/Cigna EAP
First Health Coventry
Humana/Humana EAP
Medicare (Holly Maddy and Mark Switzer only)

Medical Mutual

United Health Care/ Optum

Value Options
Value Options EAP (Stefani McElheney and Mark Switzer only)


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